Love Stories for Valentines 2016

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Australian Love Stories, edited by Cate Kennedy received overwhelmingly positive reviews. This  must read is a perfect Valentines gift. See, it’s great, serious, considered, wild and heady stuff. —Dave Graney, The Adelaide Review Kennedy has done a superb job compiling this complex and intelligent collection. —Johanna Leggat, Sydney Morning Herald The stories whisper to each […]

Praise for Prayers of a Secular World

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…a warm and wonderful rest along the way to the new secular liturgy. —Bob Brown, former leader of The Australian Greens I love living in a secular world, that paradoxical place where now the atheists are the zealots and the religious bullies of the past have had to back off; and where it’s the marketing […]

A Notebook Just for Writers

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These notebooks are destined to become the choice of all who are driven to put words on paper, to structure ideas, tell a story, or pen a poem. Order copies now through our distributor NewSouth Books …I saw this post come through on my feed the other day and want one. I have beautiful journals […]

Prayers of a Secular World: Canberra, Melbourne…

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Join our Celebration Around the Nation An inspiring collection. Poets, new and old, offer us immediate glimpses of what it is to be one of the creatures in a world that never ceases to surprise us simply by being there, both outside us and within.          —David Malouf We are honored that […]

Australian Love Stories at Williamstown Literary Festival – Saturday 13 June 2015

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Inkerman & Blunt and the Willy Lit Fest invite you to a morning of velvety love readings, featuring Australian Love Stories writers Susan Pyke, Alexis Drevikovsky and Claire Varley. Prepare for lust, obsession, betrayal and more… Australian Love Stories edited by Cate Kennedy features stories from award winning writers Bruce Pascoe, Jon Bauer, David Francis, Carmel […]

Writers Festivals

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Donna Ward: “It was great to be back in my home town to talk about books and ideas with so many of my old friends, and new people who I met along the way. I had great conversations about publishing and creating anthologies with people like Jane Pearson from Text Publishing, Caroline Wood from Margaret […]

Ashley Hay’s launch speech for Australian Love Stories at the Reality Bites Conference

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We were honoured that Ashley Hay launched Australian Love Stories, ed. Cate Kennedy for us at the 2014 Reality Bites Festival. Here is what she said…   I’d like to thank you all for coming along to the launch of Inkerman and Blunt’s latest anthology, Australian Love Stories, edited by Cate Kennedy—at first, when I […]

Claire Varley, A Greek Tragedy

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A young woman hears her grandfather crying in the room next door. In the still, cool night his words are a pained murmur of whispers and wails. She doesn’t understand the language but can translate the heartache. It is his birthday. He is old. He is eighty. He is weeping. Claire Varley, ‘A Greek Tragedy’. […]

Tony Birch, Joe Roberts

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He lay in the dark awhile before getting out of bed and studying his face in the bathroom mirror, massaging the bristles on his chin and flattening his unkempt head of silver hair. A woman’s voice drifted from the bathroom window above as she sang in the shower. Tony Birch, ‘Joe Roberts’. Tony Birch was […]

Allison Browning, These Bones

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Ned leads him to the ensuite with Enzo’s hands in his, walking backward holding Enzo’s eyes. He lays down the bath mat and Enzo steps onto it then jiggles about a bit, doing the twist. Then he’s still again, the grin remains and he places his arms on Nev’s shoulders. Allison Browning, ‘These Bones’.   […]