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IMG_2343Prayers of a Secular World
editors Kevin Brophy & Jordie Albiston
Released October 2015
RRP: paperback $24.99 ebook $12.99

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There seems to hover a sense of uneasy things these days: a lack of kindness’ a narrow-mindedness; a fear of the other. …[Editing the book] helped me believe in goodness again. It helped—by way of poetry—redeem humanity for me.—editor Jordie Albiston, in ‘A Poem and A Prayer’, The Big Issue, February 2016

Prayers of a Secular World carries the essence of conversation we have to have in these times of uncertainty and intolerance.

This unassuming anthology is inspiring conversations across the nation.

  • Publisher, Donna Ward was featured discussing the origins of this book in the February edition of The Big Issue, and in The West Australian
  • Donna presented a session at the Perth Writers Festival devoted to the content, production and marketing of the book
  • The Wheeler Centre will feature Leah Kaminsky, Cate Kennedy, David Tacey and Kevin Brophy, talking about the essence of this book, on 13 April
  • Arnold Zable and Gregory Day will join Leah Kaminsky, at the Willie Lit Festival this June to delve into issues of faith, doubt and redemption, and the human capacity for both beauty and terror

Poetry is a much better container for mystery and the communal, because it’s not afraid of failure or accidents.—Andy Jackson, poet in ‘A Poem and A Prayer’, The Big Issue, February 2016

Poems allow us to dwell in uncomfortable thoughts. —Gerard Elson, bookseller and author

I was drawn to the contradictory nature of secular prayers. I went to a school in the middle of nowhere and we had to recite The Lord’s Prayer, and it covers all the bases, you know. So it’s like taking that prayer and shaking the Lord out of it, and seeing what’s left. ‘Eucalyptus Regnans’ is about what’s left after the fire.’
—Meredi Ortega, in ‘A Poem and A Prayer’, The Big Issue, February 2016

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