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Gotham_FCWisdom Tree: Five Novellas by Nick Earls
#1Gotham #2Venice #3Vancouver #4Juneau #5Noho
Released Monthly May–September 2016
Paperback $19.99 ebook $9.99

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Every once in a while, you get to read something so sparklingly creative, unique and authentic it makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, makes your skin tingle. Wisdom Tree is that.

Join the most exciting publishing venture of the year when Inkerman & Blunt release five novellas by the internationally renowned author Nick Earls one at a time on the first of each month for five months commencing this May with Gotham. Each stand alone. All, like the characters, are interconnected.

In this day and age, readers have so many choices—but not always when it comes to length. Where are the long short stories that fill out a believable and recognisable world, give you the satisfaction of immersion and time to care about the characters without drowning in extraneous detail? Novellas do just that—satisfy without overwhelming. Congratulations I&B on giving the discerning reader choice—more please! —Lindy Jones, Abbey’s Bookshop

We expect significant media coverage since the project has excited Festival Directors around the nation. All publicity and events will be announced through our e-news and our distributor, NewSouth Books.

This floored me. The format is a game changer and the linked novellas combine to create the best book I’ve read in 12 years, since David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas. Five complex and distinct stories set in New York, Brisbane, Vancouver, Alaska and L.A. that somehow magically meet—I can’t quite believe it. Earls has never had his due but if this doesn’t get incredible press from here to Timbuktu, then publishing truly is broken. Or maybe he just fixed it, because Wisdom Tree is a transcendent wonder.
—Chris Flynn, author of Tiger in Eden and The Glass Kingdom

About Gotham: Bloomingdales, Na$ti Boy, his mother’s purse, the drugs sex and rock and roll of fast, abrupt celebrity. Jeff Forster is on a mission in New York he has to make this interview with rapper Na$ti Boy pay. He’s ushered into a private shopping spree, spends the night driving round the city with rap celebrity Na$ti Boy and his keeper Smokey. Gotham delves into the tensions of making it, and missing out, of fame and its cost to family life. This quietly told, intelligent story rubs into the soul and causes reflection on some of the moral issues of our time.

By the time I had finished Gotham it didn’t matter to me how long these stories were, just that they were well written, fully formed and satisfying. They are beautiful books that can fit in your pocket, meaningful stories enhanced by great design. Novellas are notoriously tricky to sell, but in the Wisdom Tree project by Nick Earls the novella has never seemed more appealing.
—Kym Bagley, bookseller, Dymocks Melbourne

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Nick Earls is one of Australia’s most quietly perceptive writers, and this loosely linked quintet of novellas proves just how observant he is on the ways of contemporary life. Work, family, failure and persistence are the major themes. After finishing the novellas I came away moved, contemplative and appreciative of the power of a well turned novella to convey ideas beyond its word count… Unreservedly recommended. —Lindy Jones, Abbey’s Bookshop

Outstanding Audible Cast
Audible is lining up a cast of five narrators a TV network would kill for, with Rhys Muldoon, Gyton Grantley and William McInnes already recording their novellas. Release of the individual audiobooks and audio ‘box set’ will occur simultaneously with the Inkerman & Blunt paper and ebook editions.

Nick Earls’ novels have won awards in the UK and Australia, and appeared on bestseller lists in both those countries and the Amazon Kindle Store. Two have been adapted into feature films and five into stage plays.

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