Vultures in The Guardian

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Vultures-150It is quite a conflicted place to be—looking into a world you love and realising there isn’t really any space for you in it. It’s hard to be content in a place where you sense you aren’t respected, liked or loved. As a writer, I solved my dilemma by writing my own beatnik fiction, We Ate the Road Like Vultures, and writing myself into the world. I realise that Kerouac may well have been indifferent to my writing, but I have had to make my peace with that—and I’ve inserted myself in a way that works for me, with a female character that embodies the devil-may-care attitude of the beat way but with that unique and innate wildness that women have. My beatnik O’Hara.

Read more of why Lynnette Lounsbury wrote We Ate the Road Like Vultures at The Guardian website.

Lounsbury’s characters are luminous… an addictive mix of farce and philosophy, caring for people but not for their egos. … A cult classic in the making.—Jo, Booklover Book Reviews

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