Warning: Vultures on the Horizon

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Vultures-coverWARNING: this book will keep you up at nights. Do not to begin it after 8 pm, it is truly impossible to put down.

We Ate the Road like Vultures
Lynnette Lounsbury
Release Date 1 April
paperback $29.99, ebook $14.99
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If Hunter S Thompson was a sixteen year
old girl, jacked up on peyote and hormones and carrying around a nasty beat poet fetish, this is how she’d write. What glorious, clear, concise madness. Ms. Lounsbury is one to watch, or more importantly, READ
.—Rhys Muldoon

Energetic, ferociously funny and populated by a whacky cast of characters of whom Kerouac himself would be proud, We Ate the Road Like Vultures is an incredible novel from a talented Australian writer.

What an extraordinary little book! I read it in only two sittings and it left me just a little breathless. I kept thinking of The Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared—its nothing like it of course, except in its ability to make the seemingly outrageous seem quite normal.Clive Newman, The Newman Agency

I ate up this book like a beat-culture-lover-vulture! So good. Like so many other kids, On the Road changed my life—and the course of it. I fell in love with Sal and Dean, Kerouac & Cassady became my heroes, literary and real. To see them both alive on the page again, well, can’t beat that… It is so beautifully written, brimming with joy and fun and sadness, and above all, tenderness… and oh, man, the scene with Jack & Lulu in the bar, and the closing departing pages, they made me cry… love it when a book does that. —Brendan Fredericks, BFPR

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