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Damned Whores & God’s Police, 40th Anniversary Edition, by Anne Summers
Release: September 2015


When I reviewed the first edition of Anne Summers’s book in 1975, I admired the force of her argument and the impressive sweep of her historical chapters, but I thought that at times she was teetering on the edge of extremism. I now think I was wrong…
John Douglas Pringle, Sydney Morning Herald, January 1, 1994 (reviewing the second edition)

Damned Whores & God’s Police continues to change the lives of Australian women. First published in 1975, it transformed the way we saw the entire country and our attitudes to women, and it helped underpin ground-breaking legal and social reforms for women in Australia.

This call to give women respect and dignity, and equal opportunities economically, socially and politically, is as relevant today as it was then. In 1975 Anne Summers showed how little attitudes toward women had changed since colonial times. In 2015, we need to ask: how much has changed since 1975.

Out of print since 2008, Inkerman & Blunt is privileged to give readers the opportunity, once again, to hold this classic book in their hands.

Prayers of a Secular World, eds. Jordie Albiston & Kevin Brophy
With an introduction from respected authority on Australian spirituality, David Tacey.
Release: October 2015 

Jordie-Albiston-thumbKevin-Brophy-thumbA collection of wonder and celebration of today’s world, poems that mark the cycle of the day, the seasons, the evolution of weather, the marvel of becoming—first steps, first words, transitions, epiphanies and inspirations; poems of belief and of doubt, remembrance and blessing, pleas for protection, forgiveness and redemption, poems of gratitude. Learn more about Jordie Albiston & Kevin Brophy here. Learn more about David Tacey here.

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