Writers’ Notebooks

November 2015

Book Information

Single Notebook ISBN (Chinese Bamboo): 978-0-9924985-1-1
Single Notebook ISBN (Black Velvet): 978-0-9924985-2-8
Two Pack ISBN: 978-0-9924985-3-5
Dimensions: A4. 350g.
Pages: 96

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There is nothing more magical than putting pen to paper and letting an idea slip down your arm and onto the page.

Inkerman & Blunt have created two beautifully crafted notebooks finished with elegant foil for those with a passion to sling words around on a page.

The smooth artisan paper will not smudge the writer’s thoughts, bleed their words into the paper, or clog the tip of their nib, whether they use a pencil, ball point, felt tip, a fountain pen or feathered quill. The subtle grey lines will guide the writer’s thoughts as he, or she slides into that mysterious zone from which all creativity flows.

Available as single notebooks or a pack of two, these red-stitch-bound pages will lie flat and provide plenty of space to let the imagination fly.

These notebooks are destined to become the choice of all who are driven to put words on paper, to structure ideas, tell a story or pen a poem.

Tsê: Ancient Chinese Bamboo Book—About the cover

Once sewn together with silk, these are a few of 2,500 bamboo strips, or chien, discovered in 2008. Dating from the period of the Warring States (305 BC) and written in the script of the ancient state of Chu, they are one of China’s earliest books, or tsê. These are now in the Research and Conservation Centre for Excavated Text at Tsingua University.