General Submissions

We are a boutique press which publishes a small number of books every year. Due to an overwhelming and positive response to our publishing house, we are not accepting submissions or pitches until February 2017.

Please sign up to our newsletter so you know the exact date we will open again for submissions, and to be in touch with all of our projects.

In the meantime, below is the process we prefer for author approaches.

Please Note, we do not accept unsolicited submissions at any time. We prefer to receive a pitch and then request a manuscript if we are interested in exploring the possibility of publishing your work.

Send Us A Pitch

We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts, but will respond promptly to a pitch or query of 500 words plus the title of your work, a strap line and a short biography.

Please include the following in your pitch:

  • The title of your book
  • One short 25-30 word sentence or strap line, which describes the essence of your book, similar to the sentences seen on the cover of a book or in publicity material
  • 500 words describing the key elements of your book and why we should read it. No chapter outline is necessary
  • 100 word bio letting us know why you are the best person to be writing this book

Send us your pitch in an email to

If you are Successful

If your pitch is accepted you will be requested to send specific material in hard copy to our postal address. It will take us some time to get back to you. We endeavour to respond within three months of receiving your submission. Please do not contact us during this time to enquire about the progress of your work.

If you are Unsuccessful

If your submission is unsuccessful we are not able to discuss it by telephone, or in person, detailed editorial feedback will not be provided.

We encourage your submissions to Inkerman & Blunt but wish you to know that we will not publish work which we know contains errors of fact, is plagiarised, or threatens the moral rights of another author. We edit all manuscripts according to Inkerman & Blunt’s house style which follows the Macquarie Dictionary and the Style Manual.

Please note: when we receive a pitch, or a submission to one of our anthology projects, you will be automatically added to our newsletter subscriber list. If you don’t wish to be a subscriber, please state this clearly on your pitch or submission. Our newsletter does provide an option to unsubscribe.



Download the I&B Style Guide