A Notebook Just for Writers

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These notebooks are destined to become the choice of all who are driven to put words on paper, to structure ideas, tell a story, or pen a poem. Order copies now through our distributor NewSouth Books

…I saw this post come through on my feed the other day and want one. I have beautiful journals to write in, but I am always on the search for the perfect cheap notebook to carry around and pull out when inspiration strikes. I have convinced myself at times the inspiration has not struck because the notebook is all wrong. The lines too dark or non-existent, the paper too slippery and thin, too rough, too white, cover is all wrong, and so on and on. These notebooks seem to tick all the boxes.

November seems so long to wait…
—Michelle Michau-Crawford, Award Winning Writer

PS If like me you love to write on beautiful paper, Inkerman and Blunt are releasing two Writers Notebooks in time for Christmas. Perfect for my reading journals, yes! They will be available in November.
—Lisa Hill, writer and book reviewer at ANZ LitLovers Blog

The smooth artisan paper will not smudge the writer’s thoughts, bleed their words into the paper, or clog the tip of their nib, whether they use a pencil, ball point, felt tip, a fountain pen or feathered quill. The subtle grey lines will guide the writer’s thoughts as he, or she slides into that mysterious zone from which all creativity flows.

Available as single notebooks or a pack of two, these red stitch-bound pages will lie flat and provide plenty of space to let the imagination fly.

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