Sharon Kernot, Love and Antibiotics

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wakefield photo4…she’s not going to tell him the lengths she’d gone through to piece it all together. It’d taken a while, each revelation was like a triumph, a victory over deception. A win for intuition. Every piece of evidence she discovered felt oddly thrilling and devastating: the two feelings bled together.
Sharon Kernot, Love and Antibiotics


Sharon is an Adelaide-based writer who lived in London for several years and spent many months in India and Greece when travelling in her early twenties. After leaving school she worked in the newspaper industry and continued in graphic design for some time before returning to university to study psychology and creative writing. She worked for a child protection agency for more than ten years and was the South Australian Writers’ Centre Writer-in-Residence for people with disabilities for three years. She currently teaches part-time in the English and Creative Writing Department at Flinders University.

Sharon writes fiction and poetry. Her first novel, Underground Road, based on her experiences of working in social welfare, was shortlisted in the Adelaide Festival’s Unpublished Manuscript Award in 2010 and was published by Wakefield Press in 2013. Ginninderra Press have published two collections of her work: one of poetry, Washday Pockets, and one of short stories, In the Shadows of the Garden, and the poetry collection, New Voices, she edited with Ken Vincent. Her latest project is a verse novel about a young taxidermist.

As well as reading and writing, she enjoys life drawing and going for long walks with her dogs. Ironically, after many years as a chronic over-sleeper she now suffers with insomnia. ‘Love and Antibiotics’ came to her almost fully formed one sleepless night at 2.00 am.

and I had to laugh at Sharon Kernot’s resourceful wife in “Love and antibiotics” when she tells her husband she has chlamydia. —Sue Terry,

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